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Time To Ditch The Ibuprofen

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about this beautiful orange root who’s main active ingredient is called curcumin.  Can anyone guess what is is? You’ve got it, TURMERIC! Many people are turning to turmeric instead of commonly used anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen. Some of the common side … Read More

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Free Restaurant Guide

With the growing number of dietary restrictions and food intolerances it can be difficult to find a restaurant that offers healthy, fresh and safe menu options.  We’ve compiled a “Baker’s Dozen” list of restaurants that offer organic, gluten and dairy free, vegan, grass-fed, and pesticide and soy … Read More

Bear and Omegas

Omega 3’s

Does your diet include omega 3's?  JAMA just released some research showing how vegetarians who also consumed fish at least once per month have an extremely lower risk of colon cancer. This group likely will have a lower risk for many more disease. Previous research has shown omega-3s to be … Read More

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